Howdy folks, this year has been a roller-coaster of music between a number of different projects! Between playing full time with Valley Road, 4 in the Fire, and more recently, Barefoot Nellie and Co. I have discovered that I did not bite more than I can chew, I just don't need to eat before going on a roller-coaster. However, while "Metacognition" is still available, I am embarking on a less popular project of my own endeavors. Using the newest material in my arsenal, I am teaming up with a few musicians for a more progressive project. Though I still love bluegrass, I think its fair to expand the Mustang of a mandolin from the fenced pastures of the Kentucky Bluegrass, to the open range.
While avoiding the ever popular people Kickstarter way of funding this next project, I plan to take charge and invade the studio riding a T-Rex with laser cannons and axe in hand. But seriously. I hope you enjoy the wake while surfing the website, and stay tuned for what's next. Thanks again.


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